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Dungeons and Dragons info for our group's setting "Mirador". A cosmopolitan setting where all races are well overlapped in several key metropolitan areas.

Most of the place names are very generic placeholders so I don't have to make up all the fantasy names at once, and so you're not assaulted by a bunch of fantasy names you won't remember. So Big Tree and Dwarven Continent have much cooler names in their native languages I'm sure, but they'll do for now.

Character Creation Process:

PC Starting Scores: 16, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10

Pick Race, pick Class, choose equipment, finalize the math, pick powers. Roll dice.

Places around Mirador.

History of Mirador.

Why For Mirador Wiki?Edit

Just a scratch pad for thinking on and designing a Dungeons and Dragons setting for my group, or anyone else who feels like using the ideas within. Afterall, none of it started with me, there's no need it should end with me.

One of the big differences I want to make is to take ability and skill bonuses and tie them to Class rather than Race, that way any race can be better fit to every class. The Races may still make the best X, Y or Z, but it will no longer be prohibitively advantageous for certain races to be suited for certain classes. That's racist (note: it's probably not racist).

As a cosmopolitan setting, half-breeds abound, defaulting to source for Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, and Halflings (being Half Dwarves in this setting).

This setting has no Tieflings and Warlocks are discouraged (as selling your soul is a total villain move and the purview of the Shadowlands), but has tons of other stuff like satyrs and orcs and merpeople (hard to play though).

None of the images on the site are mine. They are being quite liberally borrowed from all parts of the net. If anyone wishes to be credited or for their work to be taken down, I will gladly accomodate.

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